A team of artists who just happen to be good with words A team of doers who just cannot be content without creating content themselves

Started by three wandering writers from three different domains

Joined by a core team of dreamers

Hardeep Pathak

founded Writopedia www.writopedia.org/

Hardeep Pathak is a writer-entrepreneur hybrid from Ahmedabad.

He founded Writopedia with an aim to provide innovative content writing solutions to enhance lives & businesses.

An engineer from LD and MBA from IMT-Ghaziabad, Hardeep has varied interests in technology, neuroscience, psychology, music and movies. When he is not writing for others, he is writing for himself as an explorer and experimental blogger on thclabs.org. When he is not writing at all, he is travelling – either physically or mentally. Having stayed in different countries, Hardeep travels to work and works to travel.

Script for Vibrant Gujarat launch event by Department of Science & Technology, Government of Gujarat

A Brief History of Nearly Everything, Brave New World, Psychology of the Unconscious, How your 24 hours will look like in the future with IoT

Lucid Dreaming, Space-Time tripping, and Mind experimenting

Sudeep Pathak

CO Founder - Writopedia

A core finance professional turned entrepreneur with a strong belief in dedicated efforts for creating a new industry for writing. A risk taker and passionate businessman at heart with a penchant for perfection.

After completing his MBA in Finance, Sudeep worked in the domain of financial research for several years. His bend towards entrepreneurship led him to co-found Writopedia with the dream of channelizing the content writing industry globally. Along with executing Financial Writing related projects, he is currently focusing on expanding Writopedia into different countries.

Complete content curation for building the taxation part of ICICI Bank Website.

The Black Swan, The God of Small Things, Ignited Minds, The Zahir, The Interpretation of Dreams, The Intelligent Investor, Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits.

Biking, long drives, meeting new people and reading

Chandrabhan Nathawat


Co-founder, Head – Business Development

Chandrabhan is a traveller who loves to explore places like a local. An entrepreneur by heart, he co-founded Writopedia for his new-found love of writing. He loves reading almost about anything and his day doesn’t end till he takes a stride on untrodden turf. Political, cultural and psychological discussions activate his thoughts. When he is not writing, you may find him dancing or simply jumping around or participating in a marathon in the nearest town. An MBA from IMT-Ghaziabad, Chandrabhan aspires to become the Usain Bolt of writing.

Curated on-page SEO content for ShopClues for about 2000 web-pages.

Animal Farm, Anthem, Atlas Shrugged

Travelling, experiencing novelty and story telling

Madhur Oza

core team of dreamers

Head – HR & Content Innovations

Madhur loves to talk, and most of the times he is talking to himself. The voice in his head keeps questioning, reasoning, soothing, screaming, criticising, contemplating, but above all seeking the greater meaning of our existence. It was epiphanic when he realised that he could share his insanity through the written word, and euphoric when he was appreciated for what he conjured. The story on this planet has just begun, and he’ll have a lot more to share on another trip around the sun.

Breakthrough in writing:

  1. Script to Screen,
  2. Complete Content creation and curation for the website of Harsha Abakus Solar, blog of Praqtise.com, and course material for Quest Alliance.

The Lord of the Rings, Arthur Hailey, Wait But Why, Calvin & Hobbes, Code-I-Can-Null: The Story of Alan Turing

Food, football, art, psychedelic exploration, humour, the cosmos, and creating gifts

Ashwin Ramesh

core team of dreamers

Operations Head (Business & Creative Writing)

Started off as an infant, who gradually grew till his parents could handle him no more. This is when he wandered into another large, but much crazier family, of people he could look up to or look down upon, depending on the situation. Soon, he started to learn how to create realities and parallel universes with his brethren, some chaotic experiments, while others epic journeys.  However, he had to go through numerous battles, where loss and defeat were also a prominent factor. He lost his voice once, only to have it back in the form of music and the written word. Today, he stands tall upon a mountain of completed projects and numerous realities in his pocket, always in awe of the way forward.

complete website content creation and curation for organisations like QL Tech, Optimized Solutions and Universal Taxation.

Blood Meridian, Magick in Theory and Practice, Call of the Cthulhu, The Music Instinct, The Scientist, Into the Brain Deep Trip Series.

exploring new music, food, drumming, disturbing movies, chaos in all its wondrous forms

Amrutha Iyengar

core team of dreamers

Operations Head (Educational & Personal Writing)

Being a voracious gamer at heart, Amrutha is always up for a new adventure. The insatiable thirst for knowledge and new experiences is what drives her motivation for Writopedia. She handles people, projects and some more people every day. She likes to learn and explore new horizons through writing. She is passionate about technology, books, movies and epic music. Workaholic by nature, she likes to spend most of her time challenging her own limits and setting new records through writing. In her free time, she usually goes looking for a new story to read or a new show to binge on.

The one and only Writopedian to complete 1000 successful writing projects for various clients.

The Metamorphosis, Animal Farm, The Fountainhead, Pride and Prejudice, A Thousand Splendid Suns

Stand-up Comedy, RPG and FPS games, Reading Classics

Vedanti Shah

fearless executors - writopedia

Operations Manager (Educational & Personal Writing)

Belonging to a typical Gujju family, her love for food was unparalleled until she found things that served a much more fulfilling purpose for her soul. She adopted learning in all its forms and educated herself for awareness and discernment of the many things happening around her. An avid reader, she loves discussing books and travel escapades.  She continues to work passionately for herself and believes equally in giving back to the society. She believes she can change the world by writing, one word at a time.

Complete content curation for Blog Articles for Livalya.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson, The Fountainhead, To Kill a Mockingbird, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari

The Beatles, travel, musicals, movies, sweets

Vineet Shah

fearless executors - writopedia

: Operations Manager (Business Writing)

Though difficult to fathom, he started off as a scholarly school student, but the stint ended soon after he completed his first board exams. Soon, his interests changed drastically, and the one who would have his head buried in books now seemed to have nothing to do with them. He discovered things other than books and studies, a world of friends, where he could be what he was and what he wanted to be. As his mind and conscience evolved over the years, his interests vastly changed from reading to automobiles to music to movies to television series to food to motorbikes to writing, all the while imbibing a small part of each of his changing passions for the rest of his life. Over the years, he has lived and continues to live in the constant fear – the fear of being lost in the mediocrity of the world. Writing helps him deal with this fear while enabling him to discover new horizons in art, business, and technology. Although he strives to be an intellectual, there are times when he thinks whether intellectual is what he wants to be. He is very confused about what he wants to do in life, but also quite confident about whatever he does.

Complete content development and curation for Cygnet Infotech Blog and Alchemy Translation website.

: Lolita, One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Atlas Shrugged, The Fountainhead.

Food, Motor Bikes, Travelling, Music, Movies, Technology

Khyati Badiyani

fearless executors - writopedia

Head – Training & Development

Writing was not an obvious choice for her and people who know her still find it astonishing that she is a professional writer. “A writer in the closet”; that’s what she calls herself. Khyati enjoys dancing and anything else that teleports her to a different world. Her abstract mind and curious personality enable her to write and learn new things. She’s an enthusiast and loves experimenting with writing.

Complete content creation and content for Arritra, and fastest to 100 projects in Writopedia

The Kite Runner, A Thousand Splendid Suns, Eat Pray Love

dancing, adventure, wanderlust, reading, movies & TV Series, miracles and living in the moment.

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